The highlights of the winter season 2017 are: Cupro, with its high biodegradation rate, silky softness, remarkable consistency with the skin and ecological characteristics and Techno-Velvet, designed as a follow up of a sustainable approach, enhanced by innovation.

2017 winter collection is all about drama and show-stopping prints, whether rich furnishing florals with devore prints, enlarged single blooms on Cupro fabrics or fantastical graphic placements on “Techno-Velvet”. Colours and designs are inspirational, for a contemporary direction carnival colours and daring prints summarize İpeker 17 winter collection.

Wallpaper prints on dull and shiny devore fabrics are key elements. İpeker introduces a whole new contemporary concept called “Techno-velvet” with decorative prints. Tencel and Cupro fabrics with new finishing techniques are combined with eco-digital prints. Ornamental decors applied on double face glamorous high tech satins. Luminous solid rayon and monofil satins are decorated in seasonal motives.

Renaissance inspired hand printed florals enhance the feminine touch on Cupro woven. İpeker announces its new mulesing-free wool blended fabrics under “animal conscious” collection. Soft and light wool blends are combined with decorative prints.
Super light fabrics and techno fabrics along with Cupro jacquards highlight the ecological motivated İpeker Collection for the new winter season.