Ipeker is a family-owned vertical textile company that was officially founded in 1930. However, the actual birth of the textile business of the family leans back to the beginning of the century.

The journey that initially started with silk weaving has today reached to a level of organization which delivers high-quality novelty fabrics to all around the world. The wide assortment of dyed and printed fabrics produced with the aid of many years of experience by our talented and creative team have enriched collections of many well-known designers and large retailers.

Our customers are regularly updated by our designs that are served with 4 main and 10 sub-collections every year backed by monthly fast-fashion additions. The huge variety of fabrics together with equally wide technical capabilities makes our collections unique in the eyes of our customers.

Cupro, New Life, rayon, viscose, polyester, cotton, modal, linen, polyamide, acrylic, acetate, elastane and many different mixtures of yarns are woven (either plain or jacquard) or knitted (circular or raschel) to make our fabrics. This is accomplished by state of the art looms all located in our premises. Our knits are produced our yarns by partner suppliers. Many jets with various abilities are responsible from preparing the fabrics for print or dyeing them. The designs are applied in conventional techniques by rotary printer of flat-bed (film-druck) printer with very fine screens that are also prepared in-house. Our digital printers are suited for those who wish no limitation in colour and require high definition. The finishing department gives our fabrics the final beautiful touch and drape without sacrificing from the standard required by our customers. Tumbling, continuous weight reduction and sanforising are just a few means of accomplishing the unique sensation of our fabrics.

Our quality starts from the yarns we choose and maintained by tight controls all along the production line at many different stages by the continuous contribution of over 400 employees. All our products are controlled at least three times starting from greige fabric to the finished product. Our labs perform physical and chemical tests to every batch and check all parameters that relate to the performance of our fabrics.

The entire production and collection of İpeker are certified according to Oeko-tex Standard 100 uninterruptedly since 1996. İpeker started a project with the global partners to produce recycled polyester fabrics. The collected plastic bottles have been used as the source material for yarns to eventually produce very special silky polyester fabrics certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Vegan Textile Process

We have a sustainability strategy that called “Blue Balance Sustainability Programme - BBSP” to help guide our business to have positive impact on the Environment. BBSP has been fully integrated to our business model for to the eco-system and it is second version of Green Factory Sustainability Programme.
İpeker is the first Vegan fabric producer in the world. European Vegetarian Union certified that İpeker’s production processes and fabrics correspond to the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label and categorised in the Vegan V-Label. İpeker innovated new ‘Vegan Textile Processes – VTP’ which ensures no usage of animal product from raw materials to finished goods. İpeker fibers, chemicals, dyestuff and other solvents are specially selected for Vegan Textile Processes.  Combining specialty fiber “Cupro” is processed with this new production techniques to create the best alternatives of silk fabrics. İpeker fabrics are cruelty-free and does not have cross animal protein contamination to your skin.